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Straight Sloping Retractable Roof Systems

Palmiye-RetractablePergolas-091 (600 x 400)Palmiye-RetractablePergolas-049 (600 x 400)Palmiye-RetractablePergolas-125 (600 x 400)

The most common style among roof systems with a smooth inclined roof at about 12-15 degrees and the water is guided along the front of the roof.

  • Metal and wooden rail profiles available in a range of colours
  • Wall supported and free standing options available
  • Available in a range of sizes for small and large areas
  • Rain protection all year round with a 100% waterproof roof
  • Double anti-air system prevent the wind from entering between the ceiling cover, rails and gutter
  • Integrated optional dimmable LED lighting
  • Remote control operation for the roof and lighting
  • Up to 5 year warranty subject to terms and conditions
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Palmiye-RetractablePergolas-094 (600 x 400)Palmiye-RetractablePergolas-039 (600 x 400)Palmiye-RetractablePergolas-069 (600 x 400)