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Bioclimatic Louvre Pergolas

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Renson Algarve
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Bioclimatic Louvre Roofs are the latest trend in outdoor shade solutions. The Louvre roof systems include structures made with motorized tilting blades that rotate to allow for sunlight and airflow. This allows for a certain degree of shade and also lets a fresh breeze through to cool you in warm weather. We now also have a range of Louvre Roofs with retractable blades which also provide better insulation for the winter.

These are bespoke manufactured to each client’s requirements and with various side covering options, integrated Led lighting options and heating options .

We work closely with a range of manufacturers to suit various sizes, features and budgets . Should you wish to discuss or if you would like a free consultation, then please call us on 07971917201 or send an e-mail to .